The Gift of Music

Music is important to our weekly gatherings. Would you believe that we have learned 21 new songs in the first months of Lifeline? That’s an astonishing total.

Perhaps you have had my experience. Some weeks I arrive at Lifeline tired and distracted. Sunday can be a challenging day. But then the first song begins, and within seconds I am filled with energy, totally focused on what we are doing, and feeling at peace. That’s the wonderful gift of music.

Not everyone joins in the singing, and that’s fine. Listening can be just as meaningful as singing. Not everyone sings well. Angela has a stunning voice, so do Paul and Ana. Many of us just do the best we can. But that is all that God asks of us.

One additional miracle: Paul, our music leader, selects the week’s music around Thursday, not knowing what the speakers will say. It’s amazing how frequently his selections echo and reinforce the spoken word. God is at work.